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Letter from the Pastor-June 2020


What a unique time our church has been through. I've only been your pastor for 2 1/2 short years. Without a doubt, this has been the most interesting time to pastor you! In the last months, your leadership team has had to make a number of difficult, unprecedented decisions to make sure that we could continue in ministry while protecting you from a global pandemic. I pray that when we have the clarity to look back, we will recognize the providential hand of God all over our church during the COVID-19 scare.

This season of our church has taught me some things about you that I will forever treasure.

Your resolve to continue supporting the church financially has been incredible. During this pandemic, our financial position has gotten even stronger! Due to your incredible generosity, we are now COMPLETELY DEBT-FREE! You have also done a lot of ministry during this period. You have fed essential workers in our town every week for 3 months. You have supported Two-Hearts Pregnancy Care Center. You have helped in supplying our community elementary schools with back-to-school supplies. What a blessing!

Your desire to remain connected to one another has been moving. You have taken our Who's Your Ten initiative and ran with it! I have gotten a number of messages from people who are connected in ways they never were before. Considering we have been quarantined, this is incredible!

I look forward to a full re-opening of our facilities. I hope that we are able to do this sooner rather than later. Expect to hear updates from our church social media as we get closer to a resuming all in-person activities.

Thank you for letting me be your pastor. Thank you for loving our small family. Thank you for being faithful.

Thank you!

Pastor Josh

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