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Letter from the Pastor-July 2020



July has been a fun, exhausting, confusing and blessed month for our church! I pray that it has been a good one for you individually.

All of us are in the thick of this COVID-19 marathon. During this time we have tried to figure out how to best minister. God has presented a couple of unique opportunities for us. Let me highlight a few!

We were able to raise $1895.00 dollars for the Two-Hearts Pregnancy Care Center in Ashland, Kentucky. This center helps mothers who are dealing with crisis pregnancies. Because of your generosity, they will be better equipped to accomplish their mission! I am so thankful that our church isn't pro-life in word only but also in deed.

We also saw our first baptism during the Coronavirus period! I never thought I would be baptizing in a feeding trough but I am thankful I got to experience it! Join me in praying for Gerad Griffith, our newest addition to the church as God continues to use and bless him in ministry.

We've also given to a family in need in our church, given to our community through feeding essential workers, given to our local school system through hygiene products, and been a blessing in a number of different ways.

It's been a fun month. Let's pray that God would continue to use us during this time!

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